Hey everyone and welcome to the new and updated version of the site. You may have noticed the downtime during the past day or so, doing this upgrade was quite a challenge but I got it handled and now I can eagerly present the re-optimized version of the site, now with some new features that should make socializing with your fellow members a more enjoyable experience.
New Stuff:
  • These blog pages, which are a perfect place for you to write updates about the work being done to your ride, or posting about your trips to various shows and events. You decide, and have fun with it! Treat it just like you would your facebook feed or a blog of your own, but ave the added benefit of everyone within our community being able to see it. Soon, I will also be adding new abilities for sharing these with your friends other places too.
  • Revamped Profile pages. Go ahead,check out your profiles now. Not only can you do messaging like before,but you can also upload your own pictures into albums linked to you.(Check out the media tab) You can also style them up a bit to make them look a bit more like your style
  • Easier posting. So much of the interfaces for posting and everything has been remodeled to be more modern.
  • Groups system- Used to make mini clubs within our site, and have miniature forums of their own. Try making a car club for your local area for example.
  • The Calendar, soon many events cross the nation will be shown on our calendar, with details listed as well.
  • Messenging made easier. Now, you can open up vBmessenger to instant message your friends on the site. So much better than pm's.
  • Mobile-friendly. This new version of the site will work much better than it did in the past using a phone/tablet to view the site.
  • A bunch more to come!

Also, if anyone needs help using a feature or questions, feel free to reply here or contact me via my profile.
I'll be working on some design changes and a few other additions in the coming days as well, so stick around, and see how the site gets better